ExamSoft Getting Started: Students

ExamSoft is an exam testing platform that will provide robust analytics to students across multiple performance indicators. There are two parts to ExamSoft: the ExamSoft portal and the Examplify application.

ExamSoft Examplify
  • The online portal where you will download the Examplify application (one-time only) and view exam results that have been released to you.
  • The ExamSoft application that you will download on your device
  • Where you will download and take your exams
  • Provides a secure, offline testing environment

Before you get started

ExamSoft works best if Chrome is set as your default browser. Click here for instructions.

Step #1: Download Examplify

  1. Navigate to the Examplify download page
  2. Download the application and complete the installation. Your computer may restart during the installation process.

CAUTION: Anti-Virus!

You may need to add an exception in your antivirus software for Examplify to function correctly. The following link provides more information: https://examsoft.force.com/emcommunity/s/article/Disabling-Anti-Virus-Software

Step #2: Open Examplify

  1. Open Examplify

  2. Agree to the terms and conditions. Select Des Moines University (desmoines) as your Institution.

  3. Sign in using [Username]@student.dmu.edu as your email and your DMU password.

  4. Close the window and return to Examplify.

Login to ExamSoft

  1. Navigate to the ExamSoft login. https://prod-ui.examsoft.io/login?institutioncode=desmoines (Bookmark this page with ctrl+D or access it from the D2L Homepage)
  2. Click "LOGIN"

  3. Login using [username]@student.dmu.edu as your email address and your DMU password.

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