Push Grades from ExamSoft to D2L

ExamSoft and D2L have an integration that maintains the student classlist and allows grade transfers from ExamSoft to D2L.

  1. On the proctoring page in ExamSoft select Push Grades in the top right of the screen.
  2. Under Select Grade Column select Browse All to see a list of the grade items in the D2L course.
  3. Select the Grade Item from the list and click Save.
  4. Select the score type and select Push to Desire2Learn.
    • Points – will push the percentage value to Desire2Learn. If you’re grade item’s points are set to 100 this will be the preferred method.
    • Raw – will push the number of points earned by the student. If the Exam has 35 and a student got 32 correct, ExamSoft will push 32 as the value for this student. If the grade item in D2L is set to the number of the questions in the ExamSoft exam use this method.


If you have thrown out a question you will need to adjust the grade item in D2L and decrease the points possible by the value of the thrown out question. Otherwise students grades will be decreased when re-pushing the grades, but the denominator will not change. IE. A student received 25/30 originally. I have thrown out one of the question valued at 1 point. The student did get this question correct originally so their score is adjusted to 24/30. The denominator needs to be adjusted to 29 since we threw out the question correcting the students score to 24/29.

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