6th Floor Foot and Ankle Clinic Student Rooms

Quick Start Guide

Updated November 2019




Basic Steps

  1. Press the Power button on the Crestron controller (mounted on the wall behind the desk).
  2. Select your presentation source from the left column of the Crestron Controller to show it on the room display at the far end of the room.
    1. If using HDMI, hook up your laptop to the docking station on the desk.
  3. Use the volume dial or mute button on the Crestron controller to adjust presentation volume as desired.
  4. When you’re done using the equipment, press the Power button again to shut down the system.


Presentation Sources

  • HDMI – A DMU-issued faculty/staff laptop hooked up to the docking station on the desk.
    1. Once docked, your screen will also display on the desk monitor, and you can use the keyboard and mouse on the desk.
    2. If your device is not compatible with the docking station, use the instructions below to present wirelessly instead.
  • Wireless – Present wirelessly from your laptop or mobile device.
    1. From a Windows laptop
      1. Click the Action Center icon ( or ) from the bottom-right corner of the screen.
      2. Select Project.  If you do not see Project as an option, first click Expand and then click Project.
      3. Select Connect to a wireless display and then select the lecture hall.
      4. Enter the passcode displayed on the monitors in the lecture hall.

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