5th Floor Board Room Audio Only

Board Room - Audio Only

Audio Only mode allows you to use the room microphones without a presentation.
If you also want to share content from your laptop, please select Presentation Only mode and locate the corresponding instructions.
If you also have remote participants joining, please select Conferencing mode and locate the corresponding instructions

Basic Steps

1. If Crestron Controller displays DMU logo, touch anywhere to wake it up.

2. Select whether the rooms are combined
 or you’re using the North and South rooms separately.

3. Select Audio Only for User Mode.


4.  Retrieve the microphones from the east side of the room, and make sure they’re powered on.

  1. Adjust volume as needed from bottom row of Crestron Controller.

5.  When you’re done, select Power Off and then confirm by selecting Yes, Shutdown.  Turn the microphones off and put them back in the chargers.


Additional Functionality

General Utilities contains controls for lighting and window shades.  You can also change your room layout (combined or separate) from here.



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