5th Floor Board Room Conferencing

Conferencing mode allows you to share audio and content with remote participants, as well as hear audio and see content from remote participants.  You can also show content on the room displays and use the room microphones.

If you do not have remote participants joining, please select Presentation Only or Audio Only mode and locate the corresponding instructions.

Basic Steps

1. If Crestron Controller displays DMU logo, touch anywhere to wake it up.

2. Select whether the rooms are combined
 or you’re using the North and South rooms separately.

3. Select Conferencing for User Mode.


      4.  For a prescheduled Skype for Business meeting, select your meeting from the list of options and press Join Meeting.  Or select Dialing to enter a phone number.

  1. Once connected, remote participants will be able to hear room audio picked up by the built-in ceiling microphones.

     5.  If sharing content with remote participants, select Content Sharing and then select your Presentation Source from the middle of the Crestron Controller.

     6.  Plug in your device to the selected source location using the provided HDMI cable.

  1. Adapters are also available if needed.
  2. Once connected, the screen will automatically be shown on the room displays and shared with remote participants.
  3. This step is not necessary if using Wireless Presenter.

     7.  When you’re done, end the call by pressing End Call from the Calendar screen of the Crestron Controller.  Then select Power Off and confirm by selecting Yes, Shutdown.





Presentation Sources

  • Wall Plate 1 – In Board Room South, this is a connection in the podium where you can hook up a laptop.  In Board Room North, this is the wall plate on the east side of the room where you can hook up a laptop.
    1. Laptop hookup is HDMI with adaptors available if needed.
  • Wall Plate 2 – Only available for combined rooms or Board Room South, this is the wall plate on the east side of Board Room South where you can hook up a laptop.
    1. Laptop hookup is HDMI with adaptors available if needed.
  • Wireless Presenter – Present wirelessly from your laptop or mobile device.
    1. From your Windows laptop
      1. Click the Action Center icon ( or ) from the bottom-right corner of the screen.
      2. Select Project.  If you do not see Project as an option, first click Expand and then click Project.
      3. Select Connect to a wireless display and then select the Board Room.
      4. Enter the passcode shown on the displays in the Board Room.

Additional Functionality

  • General Utilities contains controls for lighting, window shades, microphone volume, and individual displays if you don’t want them all on.  You can also change your room layout (combined or separate) from here.
  • Incoming Call Volume can be adjusted or muted using the controls at the bottom of the Crestron Controller.
  • Mute Outgoing, when selected, prevents remote participants from hearing room audio.  Press the Mute Outgoing button again to unmute.

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