Panopto – Move a Video

This article will show Creators how to move sessions in three different ways within our Panopto site.

Move - Using the Move Button (One or more sessions at once).

  1. Hover over the session you wish to move and check the box in the top left corner of the thumbnail preview (Fig. 1.1). You can check multiple sessions if you want to move more than one at a time.
    Figure 1.1
  2. Along the top of the page a Move button will appear (Fig. 1.2). Click it.
  3. Use the drop down to select the folder where you would like to move the session (Fig. 1.3). You can manually search through folders, or type part of the folder name to narrow down the results. Note: Course folders can be found under Active Courses by selecting the triangle to expand the folder even if it is grayed out.
     Figure 1.3

Move - From Settings (One session at a time).

  1. Open the session Settings, and it will bring you to the Overview section.
  2. Click Edit and select the desired folder destination for the session to (Fig. 3).
    User-added imageFigure 3

Move a Video Using Click and Drag

  1. You can also move a video session using click and drag.
  2. Open the Browse area and pin it open by clicking the Thumbtack icon (Fig. 4).
    User-added imageFigure 4
  3. Click on the video you want to move and drag it to the correct folder (Fig. 5).
    User-added imageFigure 5
  4. Click Ok (Fig. 6).
    User-added imageFigure 6
  5. This will move the video to the new folder (Fig. 7).
    User-added imageFigure 7

If you still need help, click here to request assistance with Panopto.

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