Respondus LockDown Browser D2L Dashboard

To set up a quiz in Brightspace that requires students to use LockDown Browser, please utilize the following steps. These steps must be repeated each semester as exams are copied forward.

  1. Using a standard web browser, log into Brightspace as an instructor.
  2. In the course, open the Quizzes tab and open the LockDown Browser Dashboard.
  3. Identify the list of exams available in this course:
  4. Establish Exam Settings:
    1. Select Modify Settings from the context menu to the left of the quiz title.
    2. Select the desired option. You may additionally require that LockDown Browser be used to view quiz feedback and results. 

      NOTE: Optionally you may create a password that students must enter to start the quiz. LockDown Browser will prompt students to enter the instructor-provided password before proceeding with the quiz.
  5. Select Advanced Settings:
    1. The first setting will prevent students from exiting the browser until the exam is completed. This setting should be utilized unless you desire students to have the ability to exit an exam without submitting. Once this setting is established, you also have the option to add an exam specific password that students will need to exit the exam early. This allows exam proctors to providethe password in case of system or computer issues during an exam.
    2. The second setting will allow students to take the exam with an iPad, using the free LockDown Browser app.
    3. The third setting will allow specific students to access the exam with screen reader accessibility programs. See for an additional step that’s required by the student.
    4. The fourth and fifth settings allow instructors to provide students with a calculator or print function in the LockDown Browser toolbar.
      NOTE: For additional information, select the [explain] link that follows each setting.
  6. For information on Respondus Monitor please review the article Enable Respondus Monitor for an Exam.
  7. Click Save and Close to apply settings.

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