Enable Respondus Monitor for an Exam

Navigate to Quizzes and Select LockDown Browser to open the LockDown Browser Dashboard.

Select Continue to LockDown Brower in the bottom right.

Select the down arrow next to the exam and select Settings.

Select Require Respondus LockDown Browser for this exam.

Review LockDown Browser Settings.

Do Not set a password when Monitor is activated for an exam. Do Not select Lock students into the browser until exam is completed.

NOTE: You can enable a calculator by selecting Enable Calculator under Advanced Settings.

Select Require Respondus Monitor for this exam.

Select Continue to Respondus Monitor.

Review the Startup Sequence settings.

Select Preview to see how each option will appear.

NOTE: Some items on the startup sequence have editable text instructions that appear. You can click Edit Text to adjust instructions for this sequence. Click Restore Default to return to the default text if needed.

Additional Instructions - Has default instructions for the student to review. This can be adjusted if you would like to provide more specific instructions to students before they start their exam. If you decide to provide more specific instructions it's advised to turn off Guidelines + Tips so they don’t have two sets of instructions in a row.

Guidelines + Tips (advised) - Provides students with tips to make their exam successful. If you are providing Additional Instructions you are advised to disable this section so students aren’t forced to go through two sets of instructions.

Student Photo (advised) - Walks students through taking a baseline snapshot of themselves.

Show ID - Students take a picture of their photo ID to verify their identity. Only use if you are not familiar with your students and need the extra step of verification.

Environment Check (advised) - Students record a short video of their surroundings to confirm they do not have notes, electronic devices, or books in their immediate area.

Facial Detection Check (advised) - Monitor uses AI to detect if a student’s face has left the frame or is looking away from the screen. It will automatically create flags for you to review.

Facial Detection Options:

Prevent students from starting the exam if face cannot be detected during Startup Sequence. (advised) - User cannot start the exam until they are in the frame of the video.

Notify Students During the exam if face cannot be detected (prompt for a fix) (advised) - User will be notified if they bump the webcam and they are no longer in frame. If this happens and the student is not notified the entire video would be flagged for review and unfortunately you wouldn’t have anything useful to review aside from the audio from the room.


Once settings have been selected select Save + Close to apply the changes.


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