Respondus Monitor Post Exam Review

After the exam you can review video and statistics from the exams. Monitor uses AI to automatically flag events that may need to be reviewed.

Class Results

Navigate to the Respondus LockDown Dashboard

Select the down arrow next to the exam select Class Results

You can sort results by selecting one of the column titles. Click the plus button next to a student name to review their video.

NOTE: The default sort is by Review Priority. Review priority is based on the number of flagged items by the AI. You can also mark the video as reviewed in the Reviewed column, this reviewed status has no impact on the student’s grade and is only there to help you note that you have reviewed a video.

The entire video is available if you need to watch in its entirety. To the right of the video you can select specific flagged time frames to jump to them.

Flags can be jumped to by clicking the time code. An explain button can be clicked to see why the AI flagged the item.

Below the video you can view screenshots of the flagged times for quick review.

If a student leaves an exam without submitting this will be flagged as an event. Look for Duration “(Not Finished)”. You can see the reason the student exited in the flagged event.

Exam Stats

On the same LockDown Browser Dashboard you can view exam statistics.

Select the down arrow next to the exam and select Exam Stats

Respondus Monitor provides aggregate data from the exam. Statistics are based on how students performed, how quickly they submitted, and how long students took to complete different questions.

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