Student Perspective of Monitor Process

Once you open an exam with Respondus Monitor enabled you will be taken through a maximum of 8 steps before you can begin the exam. These steps are determined at the program level and may differ from exam to exam.

Step 1: Terms of Use

Read through the terms of use and select Agree to continue.

Step 2: Webcam Check

Confirm your webcam is enabled by selecting yes.

Record a short 5 second video to confirm video and audio is getting recorded correctly.

If you have any problems occur with this process you can select It’s not working for troubleshooting steps.

If the troubleshooting steps are not enough you can select Live Chat for 24/7 chat support from the Respondus Monitor team.

Step 3: Additional Instructions

Any additional instructions your instructor wanted to provide can be found here. Take your time reading this one and continue to the next step.

Step 4: Guidelines + Tips

Review these tips for a successful exam. Select Continue once you have reviewed all five screens.

Step 5: Student Photo

Select Take Picture to snap a photo of yourself.

Step 6: Show ID

Take a picture of your photo ID. If the picture is blurry retake it by selecting Try Again.

Step 7: Environment Check

Take a short video showing your environment is clear of additional electronic devices, notes, and books. Select Start Recording then pick up your device and rotate it to show your surroundings.

Once you are finished select Stop Recording.

Select Continue to move on to the next step or Try Again to start the recording process over.

Step 8: Facial Detection

Confirm your face is detected correctly. If your face is out of frame it will alert you.

Your face must be detected before you can continue to begin the exam.

Once you have started the exam you may receive a message if your face is not detected. Correct this and continue the exam.

If you attempt to close LockDown Browser before the exam is finished you will be required to put in a reason for exiting early. This will be reviewed by your instructor.

Once the exam is complete you can provide feedback on how the recording process worked for you.

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