Application Overview: Panopto

Panopto is our current screen capture and video management platform at DMU.

All DMU faculty, staff, and students can access Panopto through single sign-on using your DMU credentials.

Click here to access Panopto

Your Panopto account comes with the following features:

  • Record Content on your computer screen either at your desk or in the classroom during a lecture.
  • Upload pre-existing videos.
  • Edit your Panopto videos using their web based video editor.
  • Control access to your Panopto videos by adjusting share permissions either on each specific video, or at the folder level to effect all videos within that folder.
  • Includes a D2L integration that automatically sets course video permissions to only staff, faculty and students enrolled in that course.

Click here to make a request for any of the following services we offer:

  • Copy a Video
  • Create a New Folder
  • Edit a Video
  • Install
  • Move a Video
  • Permissions
  • Recover a Deleted Video
  • Training

To learn more about Panopto:

If you still need help, click here to request assistance with Panopto.

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