Personal Records Admin Guide

Personal Records are used to record student requirements. They will display both site requirements and personal record packages for each student. Students can maintain their own Personal Records in the system.

Note: Personal record files are not copied into the test environment. This may limit your ability to test changes in the test environment.


Admin Management of Personal Records

Navigate to Users -> Personal Records -> Link Personal Records to Program

From here you can search through personal records and add them so they are available to your program. Click on a personal record and click Add to move it into the Linked Personal Record Types.

The list of Personal Records is created and maintained by E*Value. If something you need is not available in the list, E*Value support must be contacted to get a new item added.

Once the Personal Records are linked to the program there are two methods for assigning personal records to students; Personal Record Packages and Site Requirements.

Personal Record Packages

Personal Record Packages are groups of personal records required by the University. Not to be confused with Site Requirements which are managed on a per site basis.

Packages can be applied to Groups, Roles, Ranks and even individual users.

To Create a new Package or edit an existing package navigate to Users -> Personal Records -> Create Personal Records Packages.

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