How to Setup Student Printers on a Personal Laptop

This document will walk you through installing the Student Printers on a non-DMU joined Windows 10 and Mac OSX laptop.

Windows 10:

1. Click on Start

2. Type in \\studentprinters\ and hit Enter

3. Enter your DMU UPN credentials

4. Double-click on printer you wish to install.

        Student_Printers for the black/white printers

        Student_Printers_Color for the color printer

Mac OSX:

1. Click the sign from the Printers & Scanners page (located from System Preferences)

2. Press Control and click on the Tool Bar to see the submenu, and select “Customize Toolbar…

3. Click and drag the Advanced gear icon onto the toolbar, next to the Windows icon and click Done

4. Click the Advanced option from the toolbar, and use the following settings:

    Type: Windows printer via spools

    Device: Another Device

    Name: Student B/W or Student Color

    Driver: Generic PostScript

5. URLs to use are:

    Black and White Printers: smb://studentprinters/student_printers

    Color printer: smb://studentprinters/student_printers_color

6. On the next page, select the option for Duplex printing

NOTE: When you go to print for the first time to these printers, you will be prompted for a username and password. This will NOT be your Mac admin credentials, this will be your DMU username and password.

        TIP: Selecting “Remember this password in my keychain” will hold your credentials so you don’t have to re-enter them.

NOTE: If you input your username or password wrong, you will see Hold for Authentication on the print job. Either try sending another print job to re-enter credentials, or remove and re-add the printer if that does not work.

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