How to Configure the Microsoft Outlook Mobile Application

The Microsoft Outlook Application is now the preferred method to access your DMU email account on a mobile device. Your email, calendar and Outlook contacts will all be accessible in one place. The following instructions will assist with downloading and configuring your DMU email account on your Android or iOS device.

Download App

1. Locate the Microsoft Outlook app in the Google Play Store (Android OS) or the App Store (Apple OS).

2. After downloading, open the application.

Configure your DMU Email Account

3. Click Get Started

4. Click No Thanks or Notify me if you would like app notifications

5. In the email address field, enter your Office365 username

    a. Staff enter: <username>

    b. Students enter: <username>

    c. Alumni enter: <username>

6. Click Add Account

7. On the Office 365 page, enter your DMU password

8. Click Sign in

9. Click Maybe Later to Add Another Account

Your account should now be ready to go. There will be icons for your calendar and Outlook contacts at the bottom of the application.

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