Requesting New Projects from ITS

IT Projects are a collaboration between ITS and other University departments and MUST have a defined business owner who can identify the functional requirements and success factors. The business owner is responsible, along with IT, for the success of the project.

There are two main categories of IT projects:

  1. New functionality
    Examples: software application, service, or system of any type

    These projects often involve one or more of the following IT activities: review of technical requirements, installation and configuration of a software and/or hardware system, integration of a system or service into the enterprise network, enterprise authentication, data feeds from enterprise systems (Colleague), installation and configuration of hardware.

    If you are thinking about or have identified a new application or service for your department, please include IT in the evaluation. Even if you have already identified the solution and it is funded, there are functional and technical issues to consider before you purchase the product. However, we can provide better support if we are a part of the selection process.

  2. Change to an existing software application, system, program, report or service
    Examples: any software or system, software or hardware, that is established in production now but requires upgrade or functionality enhancements

    These projects could be changes required by the vendor such as upgrades or upgrades or enhancements requested by the business owner. Changes include functionality upgrades to systems and services (hardware and software), including changes to code, logic, or architecture of an application or report.

To request a project, please submit the completed New Project Request Form (below) to

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