Avigilon Client Install / Configure Server

Install Avigilon and Configure for DMU Server

 This document will walk you through installing the Avigilon client software and adding the DMU server information for access to the DMU security / proctor cameras.  


  • You need to be connected to the on-campus network or be connected through VPN
  • Windows computer

Install Avigilon Software

1. Click the following link to start the installer (current version 6.14)

---- Installer - version 6.14   (\\tera7\Software\Avigilon\AvigilonControlCenterClient-


2. Click OK and RUN on the Windows security prompts

Install Wizard will now begin

3. When prompted click Next

Installer may need to install DirectX 9.0c

4. Click Next to proceed

After DirectX 9.0c is installed the wizard will proceed with installing the Avigilon Control Center Client

5. Click Next to proceed

When installation is completed;

6. Click Finish

Avigilon Client will now open

Configure DMU Server and Log in

1. Click the Find Site… button


2. Enter the following information when prompted:

  1. IP Address/Hostname:
  2. Base Port: 38880


3. Click OK

You will now see the Server "AvigilonACC" on the Site list.


1. Click AvigilonACC from the Site list to logon


2. Enter your current DMU username and password

  1. [username]@dmu.edu


3. Click Log In

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