Checkpoint Troubleshooting

This document will inform you and walk you through troubleshooting common issues with Checkpoint VPN.

Issue: No Text Message Received

This is most likely caused by one of the following causes:

1. A change in phone, phone number, or service provider

To resolve the issue, send the word "Resubscribe" (without quotes) to 641-847-0103

2. Number is blocked

Ensure that the number 641-847-0103 is not blocked on your phone.

3. The number provided on the VPN Request Form is not correct and the text messages are being sent to another number.

The Help Desk can verify the number and initiate a change if you need.

4. The cellular service is delayed receiving text message.  

This is the most common issue and can be tested easily; send yourself or have someone else send you a text message.  If you don't get it right away, then your provider is delayed and the text will come through eventually.

    If you receive the text message.  Contact the Help Desk and we can check our provider to see if there is an issue there.

Issue: Not accepting username/password

Most common cause is:

1. The username provided is in the wrong format.  

Ensure you are using just your username and not the email or UPN(SSO) login.  (example: jdoe instead of

Issue: No Site Configured

1. There is no site/server setup to which Checkpoint can connect.

If your Checkpoint VPN is showing a "No Site Configured" message, you will need to manually setup the site (address) for which to connect.  

Enter in the site address and take any other defaults.

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