SPSS Installation / Licensing

Current license is valid through 10/1/2021.

Included in this document are two versions of SPSS: Version 25 and Version 27.

    Version 25 – Use this if you are already using version 25 and would like to continue. Keep in mind that version 25 may not be available in the future.

    Version 27 – The newest version of SPSS, as of 2020.  This version fixes MacOS compatibility issues with Catalina (10.15)



Please click the link that corresponds to your Operating System: 
(you will need to sign in with your DMU account to download)

v25 Windows
v27 Windows MacOS


  1. Save the download file
  2. Run the software installation file
  3. Choose Yes or No to install Essentials for Python (No is the most common answer)
  4. Click NEXT for the default install location
  5. Click INSTALL
  6. When completed, check the box to start the SPSS License Authorization Wizard.
  7. Click Finish


License SPSS v25:

  1. Select Authorized User and click NEXT

  2. Enter/Add authorization code
    • Version 25: 6d425eb80c69b7a9aa7a
    • Version 27: 592988def081d5473f39
  3. Click NEXT
  4. Click NEXT when the transaction ends
  5. Click FINISH
  6. Reboot your computer to complete the installation and licensing.

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