MFA - Setup Authenticator App on New Phone

This will walk you through setting up the Microsoft Authenticator App on  new phone.  

These steps are used if: 

You have MFA (2-Step Authentication) setup on your account

You use the Authenticator App as your primary MFA validation (notification or code).

You are using the same phone number.

If you are not using the same phone number, you will need to contact the Help Desk for assistance.

1. Go to

2. Login using your DMU credentials

3. When prompted for the MFA verification; Choose the "Sign in another way" option

4. Choose either a Text Message or Phone Call option (text message option shown)

5. Enter the text code (or respond to the phone call)

6. Click the Setup Authenticator App button

7. Follow the steps on the next screen (see screenshot) to scan the QR Code.

8. Click Next to Verify.

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