Virtual Desktop Setup/Use

DMU offers virtual desktops through the VMWare Horizon software.  These virtual desktops offer the ability to use a Windows desktop environment that is "on-campus" (connected to the campus network).

A few advantages of using this are:

Use Windows OS from a Mac or other device

Access files from on-campus network shares

Uses HTML based access via a web browser like Chrome

Items to Remember!

  • Always sign out when done
    • If you do not log out of Windows, the session will end after 2 hours of inactivity.

  • The desktop will reset and clear itself each time you log out.  Any documents, files, customizations, shortcuts, etc... will be lost at log out.

Getting Started with HTML Access via Chrome:

1. Go to this website:

2. Click the VMWare Horizon HTML Access

- You can select the option to skip this step and always use HTML access if you'd like.

3. Sign in using your DMU account

    Option 1: Short DMU username and Domain or your UPN

    - Bedrock is for Staff

    - Jetsons for Students

    Option 2: Use your UPN login

    - Staff: [username]

    - Students: [username]

4. Click Login

5. Select Virtual Desktops

6. Windows will load a clean/reset desktop and login you in

Ending your Virtual Desktop session:

Remember! Signing out will end your session and cause all saved information to be lost.  Ensure you save to a network drive, cloud, or USB device.

1. Click the Start/Windows button

2. Select the User Profile icon

3. Choose Sign Out

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