Sync Team Files to OneDrive

This article will walk you through how to use OneDrive to sync/manage your MS Teams files.

This article assumes:

You are using a Windows 10 computer with OneDrive already installed

You already have MS Teams installed - (

You have membership to the team

You have the appropriate permissions to view/edit the files for that team

Open Microsoft Teams

Navigate to the appropriate Team using the Teams button on the left

Click Files option from the top menu bar

Click Open in Sharepoint

- This will open the Team site in your web browser.

When the browser opens the Team site:

Click the Sync option from the top menu bar

Click Sync Now in the next window

You will be prompted to allow this to open OneDrive, click Open Microsoft OneDrive

You will now see the Team files in File Explorer under a heading called "Des Moines University"

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