ImageNow Desktop - Digitally Sign a Contract/File

This document will walk you through using the ImageNow Desktop client (version 7.3) to sign a contract or file.

Instructions are in two parts.  Part I: How to Sign and Part II: How to Submit

I. How to digitally sign documents using the ImageNow desktop client.

This is very similar to the WebNow version.  Only difference is the one extra screen.

1. Open ImageNow (Perceptive Content)

2. Sign in

3. Go to Documents

4. Find the category/folder in the left pane under Documents

(example: Faculty Contracts: Click on Contracts – Faculty Review)

5. Find the contract/file in the right pane and Double-Click to open

6. Use the arrows to navigate to the signature pages 

  • Some people will need to sign more than one page

7. Click the Digital Signature icon (red ribbon)

  • Click in the upper most left corner of the signature box (this is to help align the signature box)
  • If the signature is misaligned click the 4 arrow icon and they can move it


II. Once Signed, it needs to submitted to the workflow.

8. Click Workflow menu > Open in Workflow

9. Click Workflow menu (again) > Route Forward

This will close the document.

10. Click the Go button on the previous screen.

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