Athena / Athena Device Manager / Peripherals

Basic Information



Permission is granted in two areas:

1. MedicalWirelessUsers Active Directory group (controlled by ITS)

2. Athena permissions (controlled by EHR specialist in Clinic Administration)

Preferred Web Browser:

- Chrome

Basic Troubleshooting:

Functionality not working, not loading page, most web browser related issues

- Clear web browser cache

Athena Device Manager

In Athena - go to the Gear icon and Device Management, from here you can install and view status.

Athena Device Manager

Most peripherals in Athena are managed by the Athena Device Manager software.  

- this runs in the background on the PC (check system tray icon)

Opening the software will show you a list of devices that can interact with Athena (not all will be used, not all are listed)

Device is Connected checkmark is based on two factors:  Device being connected to the PC and the software/drivers for ADM are installed.

- for the specific drivers that work with Athena click on the Gear icon in Athena and go to Device Management.  You can see a list of devices and install software specifically for them.

Athena Peripherals Troubleshooting

Check the Athena Device Management page and Athena Device Manager to ensure the status of the device.

Label Printer Not Working:

- Unplug and plug back in

- Check ADM software is running

- Check Dymo status in the ADM and Athena Device Management web page

Credit Card Reader (Ingenico) - not managed through ADM

- Reboot the computer

- reboot card reader (follow the cable to the back of the device, find the handle/kickstand and pull away from the device)

ID Card Scanner (AmbirScan)

- Ensure the Ambirscan software is running

- reboot computer

- Reinstall Ambirscan software

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