How to Log into the Zoom Desktop Application

This article will explain how to log into the Zoom Desktop Application, or check whether you're already logged in.

Some meeting hosts may request you log into Zoom with your DMU email address prior to joining a Zoom meeting in order to bypass the waiting room they have enabled as a security feature for the meeting.  This is different than being logged into the Zoom website or logged into D2L or any other website.

Follow the steps below if you are joining the Zoom meeting from a laptop or desktop computer.  If you’re joining from a mobile phone or tablet, the steps will be similar, but you’ll want to open the Zoom mobile app.

1.    From a Windows machine, click the Start menu and select Zoom or click the search bar and type Zoom.

2.    The Zoom desktop application should open, similar to one of the screenshots below.

Figure 1 Figure 2

3.    If you see something like Figure 2, click your initials in the top-right corner and verify which email address is displayed.  [Note that you may need to click the closed eye icon to the right of the email address to display the full email address.]


a.    If you see your DMU email address, you’re all set!

b.    If you see a different email address, click Sign Out at the bottom.

4.    If you see something like Figure 1 instead or needed to log out of your personal Zoom account, click Sign In.  Then click Sign In with SSO.


5.    In the Company Domain field, enter dmuedu and then click Continue.


6.    Your default Internet browser should open and may either log you in automatically with your DMU account or prompt you to enter your normal DMU username and password.  Then the Zoom desktop client will relaunch and log you in.

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