How to Find Your Zoom Recording

Any recordings made to the Zoom Cloud will automatically copy to Panopto where you can easily share your recording with others. It will take some time for the recording to first process on the Zoom Cloud, and then it will begin to process in Panopto. The processing time will vary but you should expect the recording to be available to view in Panopto within 30-60 minutes for a 1 hour recording.

By default, all recordings will go into a subfolder called Meeting Recordings found under the My Folder of the primary meeting host. Follow these steps to locate your Meeting Recordings folder:

1) Sign into Panopto -

2) Click on the My Folder tab on the left side of the page.

3) Click on the Meeting Recordings subfolder to view a list of all your Zoom meeting recordings.

The primary meeting host can manage recordings in Panopto two ways:

Option 1: Manually share the recording with others or move the recording into the appropriate Panopto course folder so that students of that course can view the video.

Learn how to share a video in Panopto.

Learn how to move a video in Panopto.

Option 2: If multiple recordings will be made from a single Zoom Meeting ID, map that Zoom Meeting ID to an alternative Panopto folder so that any recording made for that Meeting ID are automatically routed to a specified Panopto folder. This option is best for weekly team meetings or lecture recordings.

Learn how to set up a Zoom Meeting ID to automatically route to a specific Panopto folder.

If further assistance is needed, please use the following links to request assistance with Zoom or request assistance with Panopto.

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