Best Practices for Remote Work


General Recommendations:

1. Be available and responsive to messages, emails and phone calls during designated work hours.

2. Consider implementing a daily virtual “touch-base” with individuals or teams using Skype for Business or Zoom (require use of video for all participants).

3. Utilize screen sharing tools through Skype for Business and Zoom.

4. Create a dedicated workspace with required tools and resources.

5. Create a plan or schedule for each day that includes items for completion and collaboration sessions. Communicate this plan with your colleagues and supervisor.

Communication and Collaboration:

Skype for Business Recommendations (More support with Skype for Business)

1. Have Skype for Business open on your Desktop during the day to allow for easy access to instant messaging and phone calls.

2. Ensure your Contacts list on Skype for Business is up to date, including colleague with whom you frequently collaborate. 

3. Utilize Skype for Business to share content with Colleagues.

4. Add your work hours and location to Skype for Business.

Zoom Recommendations (More support with Zoom)

1. Utilize video for Zoom calls up to 40 participants.

2. If you are unable to limit background noise, please utilize a headset.

3. When using video, please ensure your background is free of distractions.

4. When in meetings larger than 5 or if you’re unable to limit background noise, please mute yourself when not speaking.

Access to Files:

1. Documents stored in OneDrive are available off-campus, from any device connected to the internet. If possible, it’s recommended that employees utilize OneDrive to store and share individual documents.

2. SharePoint Team Sites allow groups to easily share documents and participate in simultaneous “group editing”. Learn more about SharePoint Team Sites.

3. If access to a Network Share is needed, please access information on VPN, found on the Technology Resources for Remote Work Page. Please note that VPN users will be required to re-authenticate every 2 hours.

4. Managers will submit a request for VPN through the Manager’s Toolkit Pulse Page under Human Resources.

Secure Your Work Area:

1. Review and become familiar with the Work Areas and Mobile Computing Policy.

2. All work performed away from University facilities for University business purposes must be performed in a secure manner, taking all precautions to safeguard information assets and access to University systems.

3. Do not use open/unsecured networks to access Confidential university resources without the VPN.

4. Lock your workstation when it is unattended.

5. Home work areas must be secured so that no others in the house have access to University information assets.

6. DMU owned computers and mobile devices with access to DMU secure networks must not be used by children, family members, or friends of DMU employees. Use must be limited to only DMU business by employees.

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